they all call you names  but I still think of all your best qualities  selfless. caring. loving. trustworthy  you engraved your name in my heart  and slowly slipped away  if I knew that night in February,  would be the last time seeing you  I would have  stayed out longer hugged you harder admired your face…


we are all just lost souls  tryna find love in this mad mad world  Love -  something we all crave and need  yet it the hardest thing to find  brings out the best and worst of you  something we fight for even when we shouldn’t  this four letter word holds so much power  -XOXO chana

to the only guy I’ve ever loved,

Maybe just maybe I fell for you too hard too fast. Every waking moment is spent thinking of you and wondering how you are doing. Yet lately it seems like it’s not being reciprocated. You were the first guy I ever properly spoke to - openly. I told you about my fears, my dreams and…


i still hope  that you  will walk  through the door  because boi  i cant  lose another soul you are the  missing piece  i’ve been searching for so darling please  dont let my anxieties  push you away  your the only one   i want  - my only chance  of a  bright future  is you  -XOXO chana