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the one

i spend my days

wishing you had been the one

i picture all

that we could have been

i would have

painted the sky pink to

take away your blues

now these days,

i’m stuck replaying

all the memories of us

-XOXO chana

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good ol’days

I remember the

good ol days

simple hangouts

study dates

laughing for hours on end

with bubble tea in our hands

but now things have changed –

best friend turned stranger

you’ve walked out

of my life

with no explanation

but somehow I remain calm

now all I wish you is

nothing but the best

-XOXO chana

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i hear noises 

that translate to your voice 

i see faces 

that shift into yours 

i am haunted by 

the memory of you 

how can I forget you 

if I haven’t

got closure 

-XOXO chana

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you did

a number 

on my heart 

told me

you would 

be my knight 

in shining armour 

yet all

you were 

was a coward


in a

shitty cape

-XOXO chana

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season of sadness

the spirit of 

this wonderful time 

of year is gone 

joy and happiness 

doesn’t fill the air 


all that surrounds me is

loneliness and despair 

i can’t help but 

grieve the loss of you 

my partner

best friend 

other half 

oh —

i would give 

anything and everything

to have you back 


with me 

this christmas

-XOXO chana  

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I showed how much I cared

Yet you called me crazy, annoying

And sensitive

I thought you were my friend

But you dropped a bomb on me

And left

Now I’m sitting here in silence

Trying to move on

From the damage you caused

-XOXO chana