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you’ve been gone 

for a while now 

i can’t help this feeling 

my mind wanders back to you 

missing you 

 is killling me 

wondering what life would be 

with you back here 

-xoxo chana


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xmas bucket list

  • make my own hot chocolate
  • visit the toronto christmas market
  • go ice skating at nathan phillips square
  • decorate the christmas tree
  • wrap presents
  • buy an ugly christmas sweater
  • bake homemade cookies
  • make an ornament
  • donate a toy
  • watch the elf
  • watch netflix christmas movies 
  • buy a holiday mug
  • go see the nutcracker in threatres
  • make a christmas playlist
  • build a gingerbread house

-xoxo chana


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winter favourites

starbucks shaken iced pineapple black tea

this been my go-to drink this season. I love pineapple and this drink helps me get my fix!

macbook air

at the start last year I bought myself a macbook air because I was off to university and decided to treat myself

cozy sweaters

nothing beats the feeling of wearing a cozy sweater on chilly winter nights.

chai lattes and hot chocolates

paired with a good book is the perfect recipe for a great night in

blanket scarf

my blanket scarf allows me to bundle up while keeping with fashion trends.

– xoxo chana




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how to deal with anxiety

for those of you who don’t know, i deal with anxiety on a daily basis. Living with generalized anxiety disorder is difficult but its what makes me, me! I would not change it for a thing. Here are a few ways I deal with anxiety

1. Prioritize your self and your mental health

2. Practise self-care

3. Read

4. Practise gratitude

5. Don’t worry about other people

6. Just breathe

-xoxo chana



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how to be more organized

Being organized to key and crucial to success. Here are a few tips to help you stay organized and achieve your goals.

1. Find a planning system that works for you

This is the foundation for staying organized. Having a planning system allows you to stay on track with what’s due, important dates and generally be on top of things. I personally use a bullet journal daily to make to-do lists. Other planning systems include a simple to do list, planners or even just the calendar app on your phone.

2. Give your self-deadlines

You force your self to get things done. Simply allocate times to when you want to get a task done. DO YOUR BEST TO GET THINGS DONE

3. Create a routine for yourself

Whether it be doing homework, getting up in the morning or your makeup. This will help you be more productive

4. Clean workspace

Get rid of clutter or things you don’t need. This will help you make use of the open space you have to get shit done.

5. Do one thing at the time

Mult tasking does not allow you to be productive. Focusing on one thing at a time allows you to get things done quicker and more efficiently.

i hope these tips help you out!

-xoxo chana

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The idea of Blogmas is fairly common within the blogging community. I thought I would join in late starting tomorrow. Unlike others, I have put a small twist on the concept of blogmas to fit it into my schedule during finals season. I will be posting every other day until December 25th.

Winter and Christmas is my favourite time during the year. So this year I thought I would try blogmas. I have got many posts planned including book reviews, hauls, uni posts and more. So stay tuned for what’s to come!!

– xoxo chana ❤