ice cream with waldo

This post includes everything I would tell Waldo if I could talk to him again.

If I were to have ice cream with you; we would be talking for hours on end. We would be sitting at Lingam Cool Bar enjoying their delicious ice cream.

There is so much I need to tell you. Every day you’re gone just gets harder. Knowing your gone hurts but that doesn’t stop me from talking to you. I talk to you in my dreams, on bus rides- practically any chance I get.

First and foremost, I regret not telling you one thing when you were here with us on earth. I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. Every day I regret not letting you in on this secret. Your support and guidance would have given me the motivation that could last a life time.

In April, I decided to open up about this to extended family, such as your brother and my entire school. I ended up doing a Ted Talk in front of my entire school. I spoke about my anxiety, gratitude and you <3. It was such a great experience. I hope you were looking down on me that day. My only wish is that I made you proud, Waldo.

I know that you told me to go to prom and that was my intention. But unfortunately, that didn’t happen. I had bought my dress and paid for my ticket but ended up not going. Why ? you may ask. That was because of drama in my friend’s group and the loss of a friend. But luckily, your girl helped me through it and made me feel better.

Now University. I got accepted into all seven programs I applied to 🙂 And got into my top choice ❤ I want you to know that I couldn’t have done it with out the support and motivation that you have given me. You have always been there when something amazing happened to me. And it hurts that you won’t be here for future moments. I love you more than you know dude ❤

-XOXO chana



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